Sunday, May 9, 2010


Food innovation and design is a subject that emphasis on creating and developing food. By studying this subject, it will expose the student on how to innovate and renovate food without destroying but improving the quality. Learning this subject give an opportunity to student to increase their level of cooking and understanding the food. Cooking is not only about delicious but we as a person who cook must know the details of food that we are going to prepare.


Hereby, i would like to thank to Miss Nina Marlini for guiding and teaching us in Food Innovation & Design subject. Not to forget, Chef Zaid Razak who is also contribute in the development of FID subject for us, culinary student.


Food Innovation & Design is a good subject to those who learn cooking. It exposed to us the technique and information on how we create a dish.


I-FOOD Exhibition was proudly launched by FHTM Dean and trio of VIP guest at 10 a.m. Today is the day where for the first time we serve our product to the public. Our lamb sausage that has been prepared through stages have finally been released for consume. This event is actually conducted by the Tourism student which is known as MICE PROJECT where by we as the Culinary student have been participated in this event as a joint collaboration. Briefly, this event is a part of our course study which has been an assignment for the final examination.

The event started after the VIP guest arrived. Malaysia's No.1 broadcasting media, TV3 is the official broadcaster for the event which is headed by Maria Tunku Sabri. The first occasion was food testing. Every product that made by the culinary student is served for judgement. There are three judges which are those three VIP Guest. Each group receive different comment based on their product and performance. The food testing moment was extremely busy as everyone grabbed food fastly. Various type of product that offered make the event more happening. Our product, lamb sausage received a good feedback from the guest. The funniest yet the best part is where our lamb sausage has been ate until finished. It gives us a pleasure satisfation.

Two hours later, the event started to shut down but it's not ended yet, there will be a career talk which is compulsory for every student who participated in the event. Finally, around 5 o'clock in the evening, the event has successfully finished and that is how our lamb sausage been buried.

During the event

Can be seen through the pictures:

After the event

Everyone seems so happy eventhough it was a tiring day. With the hot weather yet the sun shine show that the day was totally awesome. Winner went back with smile and so loser. This mean that, our subject, Food Innovation and Design has successfully finished and by this we would like to congratulation to everyone that has made this event a success.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Final Trial in Making Lamb Sausage

Today is the last day for us to undergo an experiment on our lamb sausage as next week, our i-Food exhibition is going to be held. Everyone seems so nervous as we still trying making our product. It was a stressful day for us especially our group as we are yet, still no cofident o our products even though it seems look nice.

Before start

All the igredients needed are arranged o a table. Our chef, Miss Nina gave a short briefing about each product as she wants every product need to be complete by today.
Actually, all the preparation for today is going to be used for next week during the event. Like usuall, we took all the ingredients needed and start to heat our stove. We diivided each task for each group member.

During the task

lamb flesh after being separated from it's bone and cut into slices

lamb flesh after being washed is placed in a big bowl

lamb is marinated with marinated ingrediens in a big bowl

lamb that has been marinated is placed in a big bowl covered with plastic wrap to be frozen in freeze for about an hour

marineted lamb flesh, breadcrumb, chinese parsley, cold water are added together in robocop to be blend

lamb flesh is flatten before being fold

first fold

turning around the plastic wrap

wrapping process is done carefully

wrapping the lamb sausage

step to wrap the lamb sausage

lamb sausage that has been wrapped using plastic wrap

After the task

We cleaned up our own stove and station. Short briefing before going back from Miss Nina and short discussion within group members.


Food innnovation is a subject that is great and compulsory for those who learnt culinary arts.


What we have done today had give us satisfaction and all we hope are just the best for the i-Food exhibition.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eight Class - Fifth Trial in Making Lamb Sausage

Today is a good day because it is friday. But, it doesn't mean that the others day are not a good day just, it's friday, closed to weekend. For today, our class is not that long, what i mean is time consumed is not so long compare to previous day. For my group, we did not do any mise-en-place for today because we had done it on previous class which we have already prepared ready-to-cook lamb sausage that been wrapped using a plastic wrap. Therefore, for today class, all we going to do is just cooking. Perhaps, some discussion within the group members and advice from our chef for some improvement.

This week is quite stressful as we have already come closer to the day of the event which is going to be held less than three weeks. We are not really satisfy with our product as we having some difficulties with the lamb sausage. The taste and especially the casing for the lamb sausage are two things that really bother us. Previously, we used lamb intestine as the casing for the lamb unfortunately, lamb intestine has bring hard time for us whereby the cleaning process for the lamb sausage is quite difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, we have decided to replace it by using either synthetic collagen or plastic.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seventh class - Fourth Trial in Making Lamb sausage

Today is our seventh class for Food, Innovation & Design. From week to week, each group are struggling hard in making their products to be a success. Lots of time and energy have been wasted in order just to make sure everything goes perfect.

Before start

As usual, we'll be brief by our chef. As the event for our program is approaching, our chef has been started stressed on our product to be successful before the event get start. All groups, at this stage are being more determine in making their product goes smoothly and keep all slacks away. Later, we go to our own station and prepare the ingredients to start cooking.

During the task

As the ingredients already been prepared, every hand start moving with our brain set on our lamb sausage. Working process run smoothly and all actions are shown in pictures below:

Lamb flesh that taken out from it plastic.

Cutting process. Seperating the bone from it flesh.

flesh that has been separated from it bone is washed with running water. Later, it is placed in a big bowl.

A lemon being cut(just the zest) so we called it lemon zest.

Mint powder, Garlci powder and Cayenne pepper are used to marinate the lamb.

Mix of all ingredients that is garlic powder, mint powder, cayenne pepper, some salt, oregano, lemon zest for marinating process.

Lamb flesh is placed in robocop to be blended together with chinese parsley, cold water and flour are added together.

After been blended for a few minutes.

Lamb flesh is later places in a bowl that have been added marinated ingredients to be marinated.

Once it has been stir and mixed with the marinated ingredient, it is places in a freezer for about an hour to let it absorb all the flavours.

After being marinated for an hour, the lamb flesh is later filled in a plastic wrap then being steam under a slow fire for about 15-20 minutes.

After steamed, time to fry the steam lamb.

After being cooked in a fry-pan, this is what we get. Cooked lamb sausage.

After the task

We clean up our stations and pack all the necessary item. Short briefing is given by our chef before we end our class. Later, everyone gets home and take their nap. :D


Our kitchen can be renovated with it size being expand and additional of new utensils for cooking.


Our class for today go out smooth and tidy with no obstacles interfere. Overall, everyone make a good job for their product. Well done!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sixth Class- Third Trial in Making Lam Sausage

This is our third trial in making lamb sausage. In this stage, we expect that our lamb sausage will be 90% perfect as we had passed two trial. During this day, we start our class approximately at 9 a.m.

Before start

We went out for our breakfast as our class which is supposed to start at 8.30 a.m, has started at 9 a.m due to some difficulties. Around 9 a.m we came back to kitchen and start our experiment. For this time, my group, three of us have made some discussion before start as each of us came with newly born idea in our own head. We shared the idea and come out with one marvellous idea ;)

During the task

We divided our task which kamil is assigned to wash the intestine while farah and haziq are responsible in preparing the lamb and marinated ingredients respectively. We would like to apologise for lack of picture as our photo that has been captured corrupted. Still, we have some photos which can be seen below:

Lamb shoulder still in packed

Lamb flesh that has been cut

Lamb flesh that has been marinated.

Marinated lamb flesh is placed in big bowl and coveres with plastic to be freeze in a freezer for 30 minutes

Washing the intestine, intestine being insert in the pipe

Lamb intestine that has been washed.

After the task

We clean up our station and lamb sausage that has been cooked is eaten by our classmate. Every group aslo do the same thing, clean up the kitchen.


We would like to say that this class is fun and interesting. Maybe the duration of learning can be extend so that we can develop and gain more ideas.


Our aim for today as what we expect it works out. We struggled so hard in making the lamb sausage a success experiment and all we can say, nice job ;)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fifth Class - Second Trial on Making Lamb Sausage

Today, we are going to make lamb sausage for the second time. Our first trial in making lamb sausage it was not really work out as some problems occured. Therefore, for this second trial we have made some changes in the ingredient and making style. Based on the first trial, we have develop some tricks to ensure that our second trial will be more better than the first one!

Before start

Our class started a bit late due to late received of ingredients. While waiting for the things, as usual we listen to the briefing by Miss Nina. Half an hour later, our stuff came and we start to do our missions.

During the task

Some changes have been made in our lamb sausage as the ingredients and technique are quite different from the previous trial. Those pictures below show the story:

This is a part of lamb shoulder. The flesh is cut and seperate from the bone.

After being cut, this is what we get, lamb flesh being washed using running water.

Lamb flesh that has been washed is placed in a tray.

Lamb intestine is being washed using warm running water. It is placed in a bowl with water and salt being added plus two slices of lemon to throw away the bad smell.

Second step in washing the intestine. Add some water into the intestine and rinse it with warm running water for a few times.

Intestine is being placed in a bowl filled with water, salt and lime. Squeezed slowly.

Lamb flesh that has been marinated and placed in freezer for about 30 minutes.

Result of lam sausage after been fried.

After the task

Presentation on what we have done are shown to everyone. Every group get their result and some are satisfied with their performance for that day and for us, our lamb sausage getting more and more better. Our group is the last group to finish because if compare with other groups, ours is the difficult and time-consumed to make.


As for today, nothing to be complaint as everythings run well eventhough we received late items. Perhaps, the class may start a bit late as our experiment does not taking too much time.


Every group has succeed their experiment and we did improve very well from class to class.