Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eight Class - Fifth Trial in Making Lamb Sausage

Today is a good day because it is friday. But, it doesn't mean that the others day are not a good day just, it's friday, closed to weekend. For today, our class is not that long, what i mean is time consumed is not so long compare to previous day. For my group, we did not do any mise-en-place for today because we had done it on previous class which we have already prepared ready-to-cook lamb sausage that been wrapped using a plastic wrap. Therefore, for today class, all we going to do is just cooking. Perhaps, some discussion within the group members and advice from our chef for some improvement.

This week is quite stressful as we have already come closer to the day of the event which is going to be held less than three weeks. We are not really satisfy with our product as we having some difficulties with the lamb sausage. The taste and especially the casing for the lamb sausage are two things that really bother us. Previously, we used lamb intestine as the casing for the lamb unfortunately, lamb intestine has bring hard time for us whereby the cleaning process for the lamb sausage is quite difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, we have decided to replace it by using either synthetic collagen or plastic.

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