Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seventh class - Fourth Trial in Making Lamb sausage

Today is our seventh class for Food, Innovation & Design. From week to week, each group are struggling hard in making their products to be a success. Lots of time and energy have been wasted in order just to make sure everything goes perfect.

Before start

As usual, we'll be brief by our chef. As the event for our program is approaching, our chef has been started stressed on our product to be successful before the event get start. All groups, at this stage are being more determine in making their product goes smoothly and keep all slacks away. Later, we go to our own station and prepare the ingredients to start cooking.

During the task

As the ingredients already been prepared, every hand start moving with our brain set on our lamb sausage. Working process run smoothly and all actions are shown in pictures below:

Lamb flesh that taken out from it plastic.

Cutting process. Seperating the bone from it flesh.

flesh that has been separated from it bone is washed with running water. Later, it is placed in a big bowl.

A lemon being cut(just the zest) so we called it lemon zest.

Mint powder, Garlci powder and Cayenne pepper are used to marinate the lamb.

Mix of all ingredients that is garlic powder, mint powder, cayenne pepper, some salt, oregano, lemon zest for marinating process.

Lamb flesh is placed in robocop to be blended together with chinese parsley, cold water and flour are added together.

After been blended for a few minutes.

Lamb flesh is later places in a bowl that have been added marinated ingredients to be marinated.

Once it has been stir and mixed with the marinated ingredient, it is places in a freezer for about an hour to let it absorb all the flavours.

After being marinated for an hour, the lamb flesh is later filled in a plastic wrap then being steam under a slow fire for about 15-20 minutes.

After steamed, time to fry the steam lamb.

After being cooked in a fry-pan, this is what we get. Cooked lamb sausage.

After the task

We clean up our stations and pack all the necessary item. Short briefing is given by our chef before we end our class. Later, everyone gets home and take their nap. :D


Our kitchen can be renovated with it size being expand and additional of new utensils for cooking.


Our class for today go out smooth and tidy with no obstacles interfere. Overall, everyone make a good job for their product. Well done!

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