Saturday, April 17, 2010

Final Trial in Making Lamb Sausage

Today is the last day for us to undergo an experiment on our lamb sausage as next week, our i-Food exhibition is going to be held. Everyone seems so nervous as we still trying making our product. It was a stressful day for us especially our group as we are yet, still no cofident o our products even though it seems look nice.

Before start

All the igredients needed are arranged o a table. Our chef, Miss Nina gave a short briefing about each product as she wants every product need to be complete by today.
Actually, all the preparation for today is going to be used for next week during the event. Like usuall, we took all the ingredients needed and start to heat our stove. We diivided each task for each group member.

During the task

lamb flesh after being separated from it's bone and cut into slices

lamb flesh after being washed is placed in a big bowl

lamb is marinated with marinated ingrediens in a big bowl

lamb that has been marinated is placed in a big bowl covered with plastic wrap to be frozen in freeze for about an hour

marineted lamb flesh, breadcrumb, chinese parsley, cold water are added together in robocop to be blend

lamb flesh is flatten before being fold

first fold

turning around the plastic wrap

wrapping process is done carefully

wrapping the lamb sausage

step to wrap the lamb sausage

lamb sausage that has been wrapped using plastic wrap

After the task

We cleaned up our own stove and station. Short briefing before going back from Miss Nina and short discussion within group members.


Food innnovation is a subject that is great and compulsory for those who learnt culinary arts.


What we have done today had give us satisfaction and all we hope are just the best for the i-Food exhibition.

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