Sunday, May 9, 2010


I-FOOD Exhibition was proudly launched by FHTM Dean and trio of VIP guest at 10 a.m. Today is the day where for the first time we serve our product to the public. Our lamb sausage that has been prepared through stages have finally been released for consume. This event is actually conducted by the Tourism student which is known as MICE PROJECT where by we as the Culinary student have been participated in this event as a joint collaboration. Briefly, this event is a part of our course study which has been an assignment for the final examination.

The event started after the VIP guest arrived. Malaysia's No.1 broadcasting media, TV3 is the official broadcaster for the event which is headed by Maria Tunku Sabri. The first occasion was food testing. Every product that made by the culinary student is served for judgement. There are three judges which are those three VIP Guest. Each group receive different comment based on their product and performance. The food testing moment was extremely busy as everyone grabbed food fastly. Various type of product that offered make the event more happening. Our product, lamb sausage received a good feedback from the guest. The funniest yet the best part is where our lamb sausage has been ate until finished. It gives us a pleasure satisfation.

Two hours later, the event started to shut down but it's not ended yet, there will be a career talk which is compulsory for every student who participated in the event. Finally, around 5 o'clock in the evening, the event has successfully finished and that is how our lamb sausage been buried.

During the event

Can be seen through the pictures:

After the event

Everyone seems so happy eventhough it was a tiring day. With the hot weather yet the sun shine show that the day was totally awesome. Winner went back with smile and so loser. This mean that, our subject, Food Innovation and Design has successfully finished and by this we would like to congratulation to everyone that has made this event a success.

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