Monday, March 15, 2010

Fifth Class - Second Trial on Making Lamb Sausage

Today, we are going to make lamb sausage for the second time. Our first trial in making lamb sausage it was not really work out as some problems occured. Therefore, for this second trial we have made some changes in the ingredient and making style. Based on the first trial, we have develop some tricks to ensure that our second trial will be more better than the first one!

Before start

Our class started a bit late due to late received of ingredients. While waiting for the things, as usual we listen to the briefing by Miss Nina. Half an hour later, our stuff came and we start to do our missions.

During the task

Some changes have been made in our lamb sausage as the ingredients and technique are quite different from the previous trial. Those pictures below show the story:

This is a part of lamb shoulder. The flesh is cut and seperate from the bone.

After being cut, this is what we get, lamb flesh being washed using running water.

Lamb flesh that has been washed is placed in a tray.

Lamb intestine is being washed using warm running water. It is placed in a bowl with water and salt being added plus two slices of lemon to throw away the bad smell.

Second step in washing the intestine. Add some water into the intestine and rinse it with warm running water for a few times.

Intestine is being placed in a bowl filled with water, salt and lime. Squeezed slowly.

Lamb flesh that has been marinated and placed in freezer for about 30 minutes.

Result of lam sausage after been fried.

After the task

Presentation on what we have done are shown to everyone. Every group get their result and some are satisfied with their performance for that day and for us, our lamb sausage getting more and more better. Our group is the last group to finish because if compare with other groups, ours is the difficult and time-consumed to make.


As for today, nothing to be complaint as everythings run well eventhough we received late items. Perhaps, the class may start a bit late as our experiment does not taking too much time.


Every group has succeed their experiment and we did improve very well from class to class.

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