Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sixth Class- Third Trial in Making Lam Sausage

This is our third trial in making lamb sausage. In this stage, we expect that our lamb sausage will be 90% perfect as we had passed two trial. During this day, we start our class approximately at 9 a.m.

Before start

We went out for our breakfast as our class which is supposed to start at 8.30 a.m, has started at 9 a.m due to some difficulties. Around 9 a.m we came back to kitchen and start our experiment. For this time, my group, three of us have made some discussion before start as each of us came with newly born idea in our own head. We shared the idea and come out with one marvellous idea ;)

During the task

We divided our task which kamil is assigned to wash the intestine while farah and haziq are responsible in preparing the lamb and marinated ingredients respectively. We would like to apologise for lack of picture as our photo that has been captured corrupted. Still, we have some photos which can be seen below:

Lamb shoulder still in packed

Lamb flesh that has been cut

Lamb flesh that has been marinated.

Marinated lamb flesh is placed in big bowl and coveres with plastic to be freeze in a freezer for 30 minutes

Washing the intestine, intestine being insert in the pipe

Lamb intestine that has been washed.

After the task

We clean up our station and lamb sausage that has been cooked is eaten by our classmate. Every group aslo do the same thing, clean up the kitchen.


We would like to say that this class is fun and interesting. Maybe the duration of learning can be extend so that we can develop and gain more ideas.


Our aim for today as what we expect it works out. We struggled so hard in making the lamb sausage a success experiment and all we can say, nice job ;)

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